Brewer Consulting Brewer

How do you want to grow?


  • Starting from scratch?  
  • Adding needed capacity?  
  • Upgrading to a lager brewhouse?  
  • What is your new production goal?  
  • What is your budget? 
  • What options should you be considering as you work to reach your goal?  

Areas of Focus


  •  Strategic and tactical planning – Translate your vision into realistic and achievable plans that are appropriate to your goals.
  • Lean Sigma Black Belt – Process improvement based on industry standards  and methodologies with a goal to improve organization performance  and delivery.
  • Solution Design – Architect for solutions to business and operational gaps. Identify, design, plan and execute solutions bridging technology and operations to automate and remediate needs and manual procedures. 

From concept to Execution


  • Define your goals
  • Understand your options
  • Make informed decisions
  • Build a plan
  • Execute the plan
  • Manage the plan to finish

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